May you live long life.

We, Insight Serendib Travels (PVT) Ltd. warmly welcome all of you to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean called Sri Lanka. Sri lanka was honoured as The Granary of the East’ by the Westerners. Even it is small in size, it is gifted with natural beauty, Pleasant climate and fertile land and free from natural disasters, such as volcanoes and earth quakes etc. and regarded as a heaven on earth.
The facts regarding this prosperous island are revealed in the records of the ancient travellers, who travelled in Sri Lanka. Those records bear testimony to the effect that there were beautiful gardens, road ways, and houses in the past even before 25 centuries, and there were very rich population and also very beautiful towns existed in that era. In the time of Roman Empire, the Ambassadors who arrived from Sri Lanka had been much honoured and highly welcomed. Sri Lanka had been a wealthy and strong state, which had been established as a major trade hub of the world over.
There had been an age old history covered under the soil, yet to be explored and it is recovered that the Sinhala Civilization is the most oldest among other civilizations of the World, and a new opinion has been developed that this civilization was spread over the whole world.
We respectfully invite you all to join with us to experience the grandeur of this small but pleasant island, which inherits such a developed civilization and which was greeted as the Pearl of the Indian ocean’ and the granary of the east’.