Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, which is called as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, is a small island, gifted with scenic beauty of flora and fauna, wildlife, misty mountains and situated in the Indian Ocean with a land area of 65610 sq. Km. Sri Lanka comprises the main island and an archipelago surrounding it, between 5.55’/9.51’ North latitude and 1/82 East longitude, just about 40 Km away from South India.


Sri Lanka has a Tropical Climate, due to the location of Sri Lanka, within the tropics between 5°5´5´ to 7°51´ North latitude and between 79°42´ to 8153´ East Longitude. The Climate of Sri Lanka can be classified mainly in to two seasons. They are Yala and Maha seasons.
  • Southwest- monsoon ( Yala ) – May to September
  • Northeast – monsoon (Maha)-December to February.
  • Apart from these two , there are another two inter monsoon period.
  • First inter monsoon- (March-April)
  • Second Intermonsoon- (October- November)


According to topography, Sri Lanka is divided into two main environmental zones such as Wet Zone and Dry Zone and it has been further divided as Low Country Wet Zone and Hill Country Wet Zone. Dry Zone is further divided into Arid Zone, Semi Arid Zone, Low Country Dry Zone, Hill Country Dry Zone and Low Country Inter-Dry Zone.